08 Apr

A highly-functioning sewer system is important to the health and the safety of your home though you do not see it or even think about that often. When you encounter issues with the drainage is when you will likely realize its importance and how it is done with Edmonton best plumbing services. 

Extensive damage to your home can pose some serious health concerns to you and your loved ones when it is left untreated with sewer and drainage issues. At times, they show themselves in smaller ways though you may think that sewer drainage issues are easy to spot. They can be signs of damage and should be taken care of before the issue gets out of hand as you may wish to just ignore a slow draining toilet or lower water levels. 

By getting a sewer line inspection, you can make sure that you have a healthy and safe home. There are 5 common signs it may be time if you are not sure whether or not you need a sewer line inspection. 

Gas or Foul Odor Smell in Your Home 

If you notice gas or foul odors emanating from your sinks and toilets is one of the most common and obvious sign that it is time for a sewer line inspection. It can also be a sign that your sewer lines are not ventilating in a proper way with the sewer gas smell in bathrooms or other rooms of your home. It should be taken care of immediately as gas and odor for sewer lines can be quite dangerous. 

Low Water Levels 

It is often due to the clogged sewer lines which is a sure sign that you need an inspection is if you notice low water levels. You need to be sure to take a note of any fluctuations in your water level and not just low levels. It can also be signs of more severe damage and your lines should be inspected in order to identify the exact cause of your water is low one day and high the next.

Noticeable Slow Draining 

If you have a slow draining toilet, bathtub, or sink, it is one of the most obvious apparent signs that you need a sewer line replacement or inspection. The common household issue is the slow draining sink or other appliances. It becomes a lot more severe if it is not fixed with standard drain clearing methods. It can be a spot that your sewer line is in trouble if you notice it in a few different places in your home. 

Sewage Backup and Blockage 

Are you experiencing major blockages, back flow, or clogging? It can also be a sign of sewage backup. When the sewer lines are completely clogged as a result the water is forced back through the lines and back into your home, these backups occur. Sometimes it can even be the tree roots though grease and flushing of larger items are often the cause. The ideal way to understand the cause of sewage blockage is through an inspection. 

Septic Tank Overflow in Yard 

When you are noticing that septic wastewater is pooling in your yard is one of the most readily apparent signs of a broken sewer pipe. It is likely that you will notice septic tank flooding as the tanks are located just a few feet beneath the surface when there is an issue with the lines. It is risky to you and your family and should be handled immediately with any septic tank overflow in your yard.

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